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First Entry and Cycling for the greens

September 28, 2006

Hi all..

Today i was brain washed by some co workers by showing me their blogs and telling me through this how cool it would be to have a blog for my one. So, here it is!

For an unrelated news (*g*). Today i was cycling for the green party austria. I was asked by a friend who is working for the greens and i just sayed yes. It was kind of funny. I had a green bike and (suprise) a green jacket and i gave away a lot of information materials, condoms (“Grüne Abfangjäger”) and pumpkin seeds for eating.

Funny was the part where i tried to gave a couple some of my presents and just recognizing that they were from canada and made a trip through europe. AND they talked with me a little bit how sorry they are, that the green party is so small in canada… Another thing they told me, was that the politicians in canada are thinking about a new way to motivate people to vote: The parties are getting 0,75 Canadian Dollar per vote… The couple said, this was good, because the people will consider their vote as more important and this will help the little parties (e.g. the greens). I have to think about it…

A thing what you should NOT do is giving condoms away to 12 year old teenies. They will ABSOLUTEY tell their friends about it and you will be sieged by a lot of little childrens who wants to steal your condoms… was a BAD idea *g*

so enough for today… i hope there will be more posts in the future

bye, stefon