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Candy action

October 28, 2006

After thinking awhile I decided to abandon candies in any form a month. I wasn’t eating a lof of it the last times, so I think this will not be that hard.

I can’t remember when I bought some for myself, but I DO know I ate some at friends of when I visited my family. But now also this is not allowed *g* Maybe the questions arises why I’m doing this. I think there is no sense in eating candy like chocalate, “Gummibärchen” and especially the cheap halloween crap. It’s unhealthy and I’m sure it’s not produced ecologically.

I will update you in a month how hard it was. And if I get problems before that, I will post that too.


Microsoft disgraces

October 26, 2006

Yesterday I reminded myself of two incidents Microsoft had in the public… And I had to search them on youtube. And guess what.. I found them.

I’m not able to hide them from you, so look yourself and enjoy

apt-torrent review

October 26, 2006

I read about apt-torrent several months ago and it seemd quite interesting but complicated. Apt-torrent is a system to use the existing update infrastructure of debian and supplement it with the torrent technology.

The advantage of doing this, is to lighten the burden of the downloads from the official debian server and let the users take a part of it.

I will not describe how the new systems works, because this is explained well on the official page. I’m just reporting that I’m using this system a few days and there are no problems with it.

Some things you have to be aware while installing the apt-torrent system

  • the package is not available through the official repositories, take the sources.list entry from the apt-torrent site
  • Downloading may be slower than with http oder ftp because of the small private server and the relativly small user base of apt-torrent
  • when you are downloading a package through apt-torrent, don’t be fooled by the “hanging” of the percentages in apt or aptitude. The file will be downloaded and you can get information through the log file ( /var/log/apt-torrent/apt-torrent.log )

So while the use of torrent is not official and the normal way, it’s easy to test and a good idea and should be supported to help the debian project.

Additionally note:
apt-torrent is not bound to any specific apt frontend like apt-get, aptitude, synaptic, adept, … . They all use apt-torrent in a way that is transparent for the user.

Wireless internet for free

October 25, 2006

Hi Guys…

This weekend I heard about a interesting offer from One (a austrian telecommunication firm), They are giving away UMTS network cards away for free! Yeah, you get to a One shop, sign up and get the card free for 2 months. After the two months you would have to pay the 70 something euros. But give it back in time and it will cost you NOTHING.

So if you want surfing the net and get a download volume of 10 GB 2 months for free.. get the card! After all, after the two month your mum or dad can sign up for another 2 month.

But beware two things, give the card back in time and the offer is limited to this year! So hurry…

Stermann and Grissemann’s “Deutsches Kochstudio”

October 25, 2006

A very funny video about how a cooking show would have been in the third reich…

Music review: “A Matter Of Life And Death – Iron Maiden”

October 17, 2006

For the first time of this blog I’m reviewing a cd … actually it’s the first time I review a music cd at all. So plz excuse me if I’m not that systematic…

Artist: Iron Maiden
Album: A Matter Of Life And Death

Overall I can recommend this album. In my eyes it’s a classic good Hardrock one.

01. Different World This piece of music is the shortest of this album. I like this song a lot, but I think it’s the most pop like song, so maybe after more listening my perception will be differend. The lyrics are not that bad, in my opinion they are about the freedom of thought and tolerance.

02. These Colours Don’t Run
This song is the first of this album with a length more than a typical pop song. In fact, only “Different World” has length which is acceptable for the mass market.
I think the text is about the iraq war, it could be misinterpreted to be glorrifieng the violence. But I think it tries to critice the heroism of war.

03. Brighter Than A Thousand Suns
This is another long song , which I was able to enjoy a lot. The music is great! I think the lyrics are about how we have left the “right” way and are going to destroy ourselfes. The title reminds me of a metapher for the atomic bomb.

04. The Pilgrim
Obiously this song is about religion, more precisly about christianity. I’m not quite sure if it’s positive or negative about it. In my opinion it’s against the hypocritical believe in this religion of the people. It’s just taking an no giving for them.

05. The Longest Day
I think this song is about war. A warning for all who praise it. Maybe it’s also about the normandy? Or maybe I’m over interpreting *g*

06. Out of the shadow
This song is very melancholic. It tries to give hope, it tells you to let the past be the past and to look into the future

07. The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg
I was searching who this Benjamin Breeg was or is, but the only thing on wikipedia i found was that he is a fictional character. What I can say is that this is a lengthy song which starts quite slow but is getting faster and faster.

I hope I will “describe” the missing songs one after one….

Linux/Windows dual install and missing hal.dll

October 16, 2006

As lots of people know, I’m quite a free software fanatic. So I was very happy to be able to install ubuntu 6.06 on a computer of a friend of mine. I visited him this weekend in vienna, because of a party which he and his accomodation colleagues hosted. (It was quite cool, thx Tob).

So, like I thought, there were no problems during the install and ubuntu and grub were working. After the install I took the train back home to salzburg. But just arriving at home, I got a call from my friend. I forgot to test starting windows after installing ubuntu. He told me that windows missed it’s hal.dll file.

Just after this remark I remembered the partition table
– Windows Data Partition
– Windows Install Partition
As you can see, the Windows install partition is not on the first position, which is never a good idea.

After the install the partition table looked like this:
– Linux Root Partition
– Linux Swap Partition
– Windows Install Partition

After calling each other about 100 times, we figured this out:

Windows was not able to load itself because of the incorrect partition number in the boot.ini file. So we started the computer with a windows install cd and used the rescue console to start the bootcfg command withe the /rebuild parameter to correct the problem.

But no, this would be to easy. The windows cd didn’t recognize the 200GB of the harddisk, only 130GB. (This problem is solved with service pack 2).. So bootcfg destroyed the partition table :-/

After using the testdisk program under knoppix we were able to restore the parititions and save the data.

So children, be warned. Dual install can be very dangerous if windows is not on the first partition!

Book review: “The Dark Tower – The Gunslinger – Stephen King”

October 16, 2006

This was book was a birthday present from my family and I finished it reading last week.

Title: The Dark Tower – The Gunslinger
Author: Stephen King
ISBNR: 0-340-83223-1

First it’s important to mentioned that this was not the first time I read the book. I already read the german version of this book … hm… 4 or 5 years ago. So I knew what the book is all about and I was a fan of it. I just wanted to read it in english again.

It’s the first book of the epic story “The Dark Tower”. The series consists of several volumes whereof the last one, the seventh, was just published last year. In my perception the first half of the book is not that thrilling. You get envolved very slowly. But, slowly but unquestionable you become involved in the story. It’s like hearing a kind of harmony. A complicated musical composition is hard to grep until you feel the rhythm. This must sound a little to enthusiastic, since the first half of the book is not that great and the book has only 200 and something pages. But there are 1000’s of more pages to read in this epic story.

I just loved the philosophical excurse at the end of the book. It’s so interesting to imagine the pictures he paint for the readers…

I rate the book with:
7 out of 10 growing roses

MIT Sketch Technology

October 9, 2006

So after fixing the sound problem in flash and firefox I watched this video about a new MIT sketch technology. In my eyes it’s really cool to have such a sketchboard and I suppose it would be very handy in teaching classes or university. An interesting thing would be how expensive this board is and how difficult it is to use for non trained persons…

If anyone has additional ressources about this, plz comment and inform me. . .

Debian Etch flash sound problem

October 9, 2006

In the last several weeks i had discovered that sound is not working via firefox and flash. So youtube wasn’t that funny to watch. Till today I was to lazy to search for a solution. Now i found it and it took 5 minutes to correct the problem.

Like so often the problem lies within oss and alsa. The flash plugin uses oss and my system is setup to use alsa. But no problem. Just edit the file under “/etc/firefox/firefoxrc” with your favorite editor (=vim) and replace




Just restart firefox and, hurray, there is the lost sound…