Debian Etch flash sound problem

In the last several weeks i had discovered that sound is not working via firefox and flash. So youtube wasn’t that funny to watch. Till today I was to lazy to search for a solution. Now i found it and it took 5 minutes to correct the problem.

Like so often the problem lies within oss and alsa. The flash plugin uses oss and my system is setup to use alsa. But no problem. Just edit the file under “/etc/firefox/firefoxrc” with your favorite editor (=vim) and replace




Just restart firefox and, hurray, there is the lost sound…


4 Responses to “Debian Etch flash sound problem”

  1. MIT Sketch Technology « Stefon’s Blog Says:

    […] So after fixing the sound problem in flash and firefox I watched this video about a new MIT sketch technology. In my eyes it’s really cool to have such a sketchboard and I suppose it would be very handy in teaching classes or university. An interesting thing would be how expensive this board is and how difficult it is to use for non trained persons… […]

  2. setu Says:

    $ sudo aptitude install alsa-oss libesd-alsa0

    if alsa is not configured:
    $ sudo alsaconf

  3. stefon Says:

    alsa was working, it was just that firefox was trying to use oss and this was the problem…

  4. Dave Holland Says:


    It was working fine for me ’til this week; I tinkered with stuff but couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Easy when you know how.

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