Linux/Windows dual install and missing hal.dll

As lots of people know, I’m quite a free software fanatic. So I was very happy to be able to install ubuntu 6.06 on a computer of a friend of mine. I visited him this weekend in vienna, because of a party which he and his accomodation colleagues hosted. (It was quite cool, thx Tob).

So, like I thought, there were no problems during the install and ubuntu and grub were working. After the install I took the train back home to salzburg. But just arriving at home, I got a call from my friend. I forgot to test starting windows after installing ubuntu. He told me that windows missed it’s hal.dll file.

Just after this remark I remembered the partition table
– Windows Data Partition
– Windows Install Partition
As you can see, the Windows install partition is not on the first position, which is never a good idea.

After the install the partition table looked like this:
– Linux Root Partition
– Linux Swap Partition
– Windows Install Partition

After calling each other about 100 times, we figured this out:

Windows was not able to load itself because of the incorrect partition number in the boot.ini file. So we started the computer with a windows install cd and used the rescue console to start the bootcfg command withe the /rebuild parameter to correct the problem.

But no, this would be to easy. The windows cd didn’t recognize the 200GB of the harddisk, only 130GB. (This problem is solved with service pack 2).. So bootcfg destroyed the partition table :-/

After using the testdisk program under knoppix we were able to restore the parititions and save the data.

So children, be warned. Dual install can be very dangerous if windows is not on the first partition!


One Response to “Linux/Windows dual install and missing hal.dll”

  1. William Go Says:

    got the same problem too. but t’was mandriva that i installed. linux worked fine but i found out later that hal.dll is missing. tried remedying the problem but up no good. thing like i need to install windows and mandriva again!

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