Music review: “A Matter Of Life And Death – Iron Maiden”

For the first time of this blog I’m reviewing a cd … actually it’s the first time I review a music cd at all. So plz excuse me if I’m not that systematic…

Artist: Iron Maiden
Album: A Matter Of Life And Death

Overall I can recommend this album. In my eyes it’s a classic good Hardrock one.

01. Different World This piece of music is the shortest of this album. I like this song a lot, but I think it’s the most pop like song, so maybe after more listening my perception will be differend. The lyrics are not that bad, in my opinion they are about the freedom of thought and tolerance.

02. These Colours Don’t Run
This song is the first of this album with a length more than a typical pop song. In fact, only “Different World” has length which is acceptable for the mass market.
I think the text is about the iraq war, it could be misinterpreted to be glorrifieng the violence. But I think it tries to critice the heroism of war.

03. Brighter Than A Thousand Suns
This is another long song , which I was able to enjoy a lot. The music is great! I think the lyrics are about how we have left the “right” way and are going to destroy ourselfes. The title reminds me of a metapher for the atomic bomb.

04. The Pilgrim
Obiously this song is about religion, more precisly about christianity. I’m not quite sure if it’s positive or negative about it. In my opinion it’s against the hypocritical believe in this religion of the people. It’s just taking an no giving for them.

05. The Longest Day
I think this song is about war. A warning for all who praise it. Maybe it’s also about the normandy? Or maybe I’m over interpreting *g*

06. Out of the shadow
This song is very melancholic. It tries to give hope, it tells you to let the past be the past and to look into the future

07. The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg
I was searching who this Benjamin Breeg was or is, but the only thing on wikipedia i found was that he is a fictional character. What I can say is that this is a lengthy song which starts quite slow but is getting faster and faster.

I hope I will “describe” the missing songs one after one….


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