Old sins

Anyone made a web site and lost it after years and found it again. Were you shocked about the content, the design and the technology used?
Anyway, this thing happened to me. If someone likes to be shocked, look at the old Stefon-Page *g*


4 Responses to “Old sins”

  1. valentin Says:

    Oh, I love frames. 😉

    The site is quite nice. What do you think about “relaunching” it? 🙂

  2. stefon Says:

    pff… just put the finger in my wounds…
    I think I will stay with blogs, it’s more comfortable… The most important thing for me is to publish news. So blogs are the right solution here..
    btw. greetings valentin

  3. valentin Says:

    Oh, sorry… But I can reassure you! I used frames too. 😉

    An the people can say what they want. Sometimes using frames is much more simple than using CSS to arrange everything. (Especially on small sites.)

  4. stefon Says:

    pf… frames are evil and they also don’t exist in XHTML. I hope they will die away *g*

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