GRAS movie-night: Operation Spring

Today we (the GRAS) hosted our movie-night at the “Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät Salzburg”, in short NAWI. The film we were showing was Operation Spring

The film is about a police raid in austria in 1999. During this razzia around 100 black people were arrested and accused of drug dealing. Evidences were brought through the first use of the “grosser Lauschangriff”, which means video and audio surveilance technology was used.

But the evidence was not clear, the video and audio material was very bad and the interpreter was not a professional one. Together with anonymous witnesses all of the arrested were accounted to be guilty.

Not even evidences that the interpreter did a bad job and that the witnesses were being instructed by the police did leed to a new trial. All of the doubts were ignored.

After seeing this film, I was shocked how bad our system is and how politic can interfere with justice.

I give the film 8 / 10 shocking points and will buy the dvd. So if anyone wants to see it, just email me.


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