How to rip a music cd with gnu/linux and konqueror?

Hi.. today I would like to describe you how you can rip (copy the music files to your harddisk and convert them to mp3, ogg, …).

You may think this is a very difficult job, but would it be that way, I would not recommend it. I will give you a list of do’s. Just follow them…

  1. Search for an audio cd
  2. Put it into your cdrom drive
  3. Start Konqueror (a powerful kde filemanager)
  4. Search the cdrom device
  5. Look whats in the cdrom folder
  6. There you can see the mp3/ogg/… folder
  7. Go into the directory you want and just copy the files wherever you want them
  8. Listen to the music

So you see, it’s quite easy andI think way more intuitve and simple than with windows.

If you want to tweak the ripping (e.g. change the naming format), just go to your kde controlcenter – sound & multimedia – audi cd’s. There you will finde the options you need.


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