Austria vs. Foreigner

Today I have another report of the endless story of the fight between austria and foreigners. In fact Austria fights the foreigners…

Two days ago I was reading the news when I read this article. It’s about a black man who is accused of violence against the police. The situation was that the man (Yusuf K.) was in a bar when the police was entering and identified him as a drug dealer. After this moment, the police and the man are telling different stories. Fact is, Yusuf had to visit the hospital and they diagnosed crushes and effussions of blood.

According to Yusuf K. had the police knocked him down, the police on the other side were saying that Yusuf was getting violent. There were some quotes of the police and the prosecutor that are really disturbing:

One of the doctors of the police were telling, that the police excused themself for the mistake with the comment: “Black people are all black.” (“Die Beamten haben während der amtsärztlichen Untersuchung nach der Verhaftung gesagt, sie hätten den Falschen erwischt. Aber Schwarzafrikaner seien halt alle schwarz”)

During the process (Yusuf was accussed of violence against the police) there were some problems and confusion with the interpreter and so the prosecutor told Yusuf not to tell rubbish. And after this the prosecutor offends Yusuf for his african origin (Staatsanwalt Alfred Schaumüller ortete „massive Widersprüche“ und tat dies mit „rubbish“ (engl. „Mist“) kund. Angeklagter Yusuf K.: „Warum sprichst du so?“ Schaumüller: „Wir sind sicher nicht per Du, wir sind doch nicht in Afrika. So was Präpotentes habe ich noch nie erlebt.“ )

After reading this article in the standard I am wondering if we live in a real democracy or just a imitation of one.


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