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Update: EU councils says “Streams for Linux not legal”

December 31, 2006

At usual, if you don’t know what this entry is about, read this. If you haven’t sign, there you can finde the online petition.

At this time i found that we have 705 supporters which is VERY great. Thx at all of you!!
I’m happy that the folks are supporting too.
The news on has give us a lot of attention, thx to pro-linux.
If you are a digg user, digg the digg news to generate mehr popularity.

I have sent a mail to, I’ve heard slashdot was contacted and heise too. I hope we will see some news on their seits too soon.

Another idea which was proposed was to concact the FSF europe and ask for support. I think i will try to contact them tomorrow.

Maybe we could contact the CCC in germany? I think they have a meeting this days…

If somebody has an idea or wants to help out.. just mail me or comment…

And last but not least… I wish everybody a great new year… maybe with more platform independecy…


Digg News: “Streaming Service of the Council of the European Union.”

December 30, 2006

Im very happy to announce that we have over 40 signatures on the online petition.. in less than two days… Thats GREAT. I hope there will be much more so we can convince that of the importance of platform independency.

I have created a digg news. would be great if all of you could digg it to make it more popular.

If you have ideas how i could spread the word more efficiently or if you know sites where i could publish the petition.. tell me!

If you are not informed what this is about, read this.

Online petition for “Platform independent solution to watch “Streaming Service of the Council of the European Union.”

December 29, 2006

Today i created a online petition where everybody can sign in who is interested to support our goal to get an independent solution to watch “Streaming Service of the Council of the European Union.”.

It would be great if a lot of people would participate, so we can show them that there is a great interest in watching the stream on other platforms than Mac and MS Windows.

Read the older post for more information….


Music review: “Reflections – Apocalyptica”

December 29, 2006

Artist: Apocalyptica
Album: Reflections

reflections cover

I know Apocaylptica for some time and this is my first album of them.

7 / 10 Melodic lyric-less songs

Ameriquest #1

December 29, 2006

Just the first one..


December 28, 2006

A song about the “Kruemelmonster” (in german) …

Wii have a problem

December 27, 2006

Wii have a problem with the new nintendo wii konsole.

New Darren Aronofsky movie

December 26, 2006

Do you know “Requiem for a Dream”? It’s on of my favorite movies and it’s directed by Darren Aronofsky. Now he is making a new film: “The Fountain” and there is a trailer which looks quite interesting.

A Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection

December 26, 2006

On LWN I found a link to a very interesting report about the impact Microsoft Vista will have on the PC market. (Note: This Text is from the website and not written by me):
A Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection
Peter Gutmann,
Last updated 26 December 2006

Executive Summary

Windows Vista includes an extensive reworking of core OS elements in order to provide content protection for so-called “premium content”, typically HD data from Blu-Ray and HD-DVD sources. Providing this protection incurs considerable costs in terms of system performance, system stability, technical support overhead, and hardware and software cost. These issues affect not only users of Vista but the entire PC industry, since the effects of the protection measures extend to cover all hardware and software that will ever come into contact with Vista, even if it’s not used directly with Vista (for example hardware in a Macintosh computer or on a Linux server). This document analyses the cost involved in Vista’s content protection, and the collateral damage that this incurs throughout the computer industry.

Executive Executive Summary

The Vista Content Protection specification could very well constitute the longest suicide note in history.


Counter dove video

December 26, 2006

And when you have watched the video from yesterday about the dove campaign for real beauty. You might be interested in the counter campaign: Campaign against real life.