Update: EU councils says “Streams for Linux not legal”

At usual, if you don’t know what this entry is about, read this. If you haven’t sign, there you can finde the online petition.

At this time i found that we have 705 supporters which is VERY great. Thx at all of you!!
I’m happy that the debianforum.de folks are supporting too.
The news on pro-linux.de has give us a lot of attention, thx to pro-linux.
If you are a digg user, digg the digg news to generate mehr popularity.

I have sent a mail to golem.de, I’ve heard slashdot was contacted and heise too. I hope we will see some news on their seits too soon.

Another idea which was proposed was to concact the FSF europe and ask for support. I think i will try to contact them tomorrow.

Maybe we could contact the CCC in germany? I think they have a meeting this days…

If somebody has an idea or wants to help out.. just mail me or comment…

And last but not least… I wish everybody a great new year… maybe with more platform independecy…


One Response to “Update: EU councils says “Streams for Linux not legal””

  1. Erik Says:

    You got slashdotted 😀
    Mal sehen wie lange die Petitionsseite noch online is 😉

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