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Video from “World Summit on the Information Society”

January 12, 2007

The World Summit on the Information Society was in Tunis on 18 November 2005. I found a video about a panel discussion which was hosted there. A lot of interesting speakers:

  • Richard Stallman, Founder, Free Software Foundation
  • Bruce Perens, Vice President, Sourcelabs, Inc.
  • Robert Kramer Vice President of Public Policy, CompTIA
  • Shane Wall, Vice President, Intel Corporation
  • Louis-Dominique Ouedraogo, Inspector, UN Joint Inspection Unit
  • Mark Shuttleworth, President, Ubuntu Foundation

I have watched the full ogg theora video. Interesting for everybody who wants to know more about the issue of “Software for Development: Is Free/Open Source Software the Answer”


Letters patent to the Council of the EU…

January 8, 2007

Today we send a Mail to the Council of the EU to demand a reaction of the online petition. If you don’t know what this is all about read this blog entry.

Dear Sirs/Madams

I recognised that the videos of the “Streaming Service of the Council of the European Union” [1] are only published in a proprietary format (in this case Windows Media Video “WMV”), so citizens using other operating Systems as Microsoft Windows or Apple’s MacOS are unable to watch those videos under assured legal conditions.

One of the main principles of the EU is the elimination of discrimination. Nobody should be excluded from services, rights, … because of sex, sexual orientation, religion, colour, … and choice of software.

My brother Erik Esterer has already sent a mail about this topic more than two weeks ago (December 21st, 2006). But there is no reaction till now.

I’ve started an online petition [2] to determine how important the issue is for the citizens of the EU. As of January, 8th 2007 over 15.000 people signed the online petition. This shows a strong interest in this topic and demands a statement and/or reaction of you.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

This letters patent will be published on my blog [3] and distributed on- and offline for reasons of transparency.

Yours faithfully
Stefan Esterer
Austrasse 3b
5020 Salzburg


Over 12.000 signatures for the online petition…

January 6, 2007

If you are not informed about the “Petition for platform independent EU council videos streams” read the initial blog entry

There is a lot of stuff going on since the last time i blogged about this. The signatures are rising at an incredible rate and at this time we are at over 12.000. Thx again to all supporter!

No answer from the EU Council till now. But there has been a reaction, the sentence: “We cannot support Linux in a legal way. So the answer is: No support for linux” has been deletet from the FAQ. Nothing else has changed. So.. good.. they know about the thing. Maybe they will react on a more productive level too…

A lot of news sites are reporting about the petition

  • German news portal golem wrote a lengthy article about the whole situation. (Plus they made me a debian developer, which i’m (sadly) not)
  • A lot of blogs are reporting about the petition
  • Zdnet is reporting about it in several languages

Sadly did not postet a news… But maybe this will change. Maybe someone could send them a mail?

And last but not least… What are the next steps we should do? Send a Mail agin with a link to the petition? Send a letter? Waiting for a lot.more of signatures? Every suggestions would be helpful.


Update on petition for platform independent EU council videos streams

January 1, 2007

Hi guys…

It’s amazing… this night slashdot published a news about the online petition and since then we get 200 signatures / hour. Not a bad thing *g* Thx for all of you!

At this time we have 4.052 signatures… I think this could create enough pressure to the EU council.

I’m thinking now could be the time to send a second mail.. A wiki page on is created where everybody can help to create the mail to the EU council.

For all people who are not informed what this is all about, read this