Over 12.000 signatures for the online petition…

If you are not informed about the “Petition for platform independent EU council videos streams” read the initial blog entry

There is a lot of stuff going on since the last time i blogged about this. The signatures are rising at an incredible rate and at this time we are at over 12.000. Thx again to all supporter!

No answer from the EU Council till now. But there has been a reaction, the sentence: “We cannot support Linux in a legal way. So the answer is: No support for linux” has been deletet from the FAQ. Nothing else has changed. So.. good.. they know about the thing. Maybe they will react on a more productive level too…

A lot of news sites are reporting about the petition

  • German news portal golem wrote a lengthy article about the whole situation. (Plus they made me a debian developer, which i’m (sadly) not)
  • A lot of blogs are reporting about the petition
  • Zdnet is reporting about it in several languages

Sadly heise.de did not postet a news… But maybe this will change. Maybe someone could send them a mail?

And last but not least… What are the next steps we should do? Send a Mail agin with a link to the petition? Send a letter? Waiting for a lot.more of signatures? Every suggestions would be helpful.



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