“Also sprach Zarathustra – Friedrich Nietzsche”

Thanks to Lorena for lending me this book!

Title: Also sprach Zarathustra
Author; Friedrich Nietzsche
ISBNR: 3-442-12252-X

I have to admit that i didn’t understand the half, not even a fourth of the book. It’s a fictional report about the life of Zarathustra. A philosopher who develops his own theories. The purpose of this book is to explain the thinking of Nietzsche himself.
Altough it was hard to read and it is old fashioned (especially in the view of women) it was interesting to read. The “Übermensch” is mentioned in the book and he is explained.
I my (VERY humble opinion) Nietzsche was unsatisfied with the society in his time and was searching a way out.

X out of 10 mind bending theories.

X because i can’t rate it, because I have not enough expertise on the field of philosophy *g*


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