Saturdays link list #2

There is my second saturday link list, which is only the second one. But nevertheless is a tradition on my blog *g*

The Road to KDE 4: Amarok 2 Development is Underway is about how Amarok 2 is evolving. It’s about the new platforms MacOS and Windows and how the GUI will look like in the future.

Dell has started a linux survey to gather information about what user are expecting from them. Please take that survey (2 minutes) to show Dell how important linux support is for you.

LinuxJournal has an article about the soon death of web radio in the U.S.A. The legislation has created a law which forces the web radio projects to pay a fee for every performance of a song (one performance is one song listened by one user, that means 3 songs listened by 1000 users are 3.000 performances). AOL would have to pay 20 Mio. Dollars a year, but also the small projects are doomed.

The Austrian Open Source Contest 2007 has created a blog to discuss ideas about projects. For more infos read the earlier blog entry.


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