Boycott “Wer stirbt ist länger tot” DVD

Yesterday a friend of mine has lend me his “Wer stirbt is länger tot”DVD. Today I decided to make myself a comfortable evening watching the movie.

But no, even by trying to do this I find the stupidity of commercial software and proprietary systems. I can’t play the DVD on my Debian GNU/Linux system because of a new copy protection.

Why do xine, mplayer, vlc, ..  have the playback problem while other commercial player don’t have it? It’s not about that the commercial ones are “better”. No, it’s because they have the money to pay the DVD consortium money for every player they sell. Paying money to be allowed to decode the css encryption which is on every sold DVD.
Yeay, first you pay the DVD consortium through buying a hardware/software dvd player and after this you pay them for the dvd. Nice…

So.. what does this mean for free software dvd player like xine.. Implementing a function for decoding CSS would mean that they have to pay for every DOWNLOAD. Also it’s not possible for free software (which means the source is available) to implement css decoding legally.
So… all this player are without the ability to show normal dvd’s.

Thank god the DVD consortium used the crappy copy protection CSS. So hackers have developed a linux library which allows the players to decode dvds.

But now there are coming new copy protection systems… Which means that I have the decision to watch dvds or stay with free software. If this decisions will come, I will buy no more dvd’s.

Hint: Look at the development of HD-DVD and BlueRay… The same story again… Don’t buy this crap!

An article on c’t about the new copy protection 


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