G8 is nearing…

Only 3 days before I will go by train Rostock. I watched some videos today about how you should behave on such demonstrations and what you should do if the police catches you. Honestly I have to say that I nervous now.
But I’m still sure that it’s important to show support and to live civil disobedience. Of course I will not behave aggresivly *g*
I’m sure I will get a lot of important experience…. Being together with thousands of people to show you opinion…
But for now… I’m a little afraid.. But I think thats good *g*

I found the videos on g8-TV.


One Response to “G8 is nearing…”

  1. valentin Says:


    I also thought about going to Heiligendamm but I must say: I am afraid. 😦 I don’t like the violence and I’m afraid of it. The police acts quite ruthless and a few demonstrators too.

    Please be careful!!! 🙂 If you need help, call me/us at any time! 🙂 Hope you come back safe and sound.

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