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Contract-First webservice with Spring

June 28, 2007

I’m using spring mostly for IOC (Inversion of control). Being able to let all the hideois plumbing and wiring do by another one (spring) is very comfortable.

But Spring has quite a list of subprojects and as I’m interested in web services, the Spring Web Services were looking interesting for me.
I have created Web Services before. I used Axis, which has a nice feature. You can create Java classes and build wsdl files out of them. So you don’t have to know anything about the XML
form of your Web Service.

Spring-WS is different in this aspect.

Update: The ServerSide has an article which summarizes the sprin web services project too.



L’autre endroit : Something new for me

June 25, 2007

Silence - Encre

Silence – L’autre endroit bei Jamendo

I’m listening this album some days now and I’m suprised how much I like it. Most of the time I’m listening to metal, rock, punk, …
But this music make me curious about more electronic music…


June 24, 2007

Not thats not an entry about a new cool gadget which you can use to surf the net while sitting on a sofa…

It’s about being able to travel cheap, meet new people and being able to let other people do the same.
CouchSurfing Project is a project where you can register yourself, tell all people where you live and that you have
enough room to let people stay overnight.

So if someone is making a tour through europe, he or she search the site and contact people in cities he or she wants
to stay. So you can meet new people and save money through not staying at a hotel.

But the thing is.. You can do it too. So if you register and help people out, the chance is increasing that at you next
voyage, you can find people letting YOU stay.

So register and let people know that there is some room for them… Free and legal music just a click away

June 22, 2007

Some days ago I stumbled about an entry on about a new music portal. This portal named Jamendo is dedicated to get artists and listener together. All music on jamendo is licensed under the CC (Creative Commons).
You can download the music in mp3 or (preferable) ogg format. Also it’s not a old boring http download, but you use emule or (preferable) bittorrent (I use azureus for this).
There is a great range of music you can find there… from electro, rock, techno, metal to thrash, fantasy, jazz and on and on. You can use this tag cloud to get an overview.

And after all … If you like the artists and their music, you can easily spend them some money and look if they have a concert near you.. All on this platform..

Good Copy Bad Copy

June 17, 2007

I have found another really good film (a documentary) about how copyright influences creativity and how creativity can be without the burden of this whole law mess. In the film there are a lot of different people from the whole world (brazil, american, nigeria, ..) and different position (artist, remixer, producer, MPAA, …) which are talking about this iusse. The film maker themselves are not judging directly. (Of course the influence with what and how they are showing)

I’l give it 7/10 different opinions

I would recommend everybody who is interested in this topic to watch it either online or grab it via bittorrent.

How is the media involving till 2050

June 16, 2007

I found an interesting video about how the media could be evolving the next years… Kind of promising and frighening in one…

thx for again..