Jamendo.com: Free and legal music just a click away

Some days ago I stumbled about an entry on netzpolitik.org about a new music portal. This portal named Jamendo is dedicated to get artists and listener together. All music on jamendo is licensed under the CC (Creative Commons).
You can download the music in mp3 or (preferable) ogg format. Also it’s not a old boring http download, but you use emule or (preferable) bittorrent (I use azureus for this).
There is a great range of music you can find there… from electro, rock, techno, metal to thrash, fantasy, jazz and on and on. You can use this tag cloud to get an overview.

And after all … If you like the artists and their music, you can easily spend them some money and look if they have a concert near you.. All on this platform..


One Response to “Jamendo.com: Free and legal music just a click away”

  1. Moritz Says:

    cool, that you like Jamendo so much.
    Just wanted to keep you updated, that Jamendo is going to reach the number of 8.000 downloadable albums within the next days.
    If you are interested in putting a Jamendo-Widget (where you can link your favourite Songs on Jamendo) on your site, feel free to contact me : moritz@jamendo.com
    best regards, moritz

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