L’autre endroit : Something new for me

Silence - Encre

Silence – L’autre endroit bei Jamendo

I’m listening this album some days now and I’m suprised how much I like it. Most of the time I’m listening to metal, rock, punk, …
But this music make me curious about more electronic music…


4 Responses to “L’autre endroit : Something new for me”

  1. stefon Says:

    actually I linked the wrong album *g*
    sorry now it’S correct

  2. Johan Says:

    Yeah sometimes you find some good stuff on Jamendo. And as I’m a fan of electronic music in general, I’m glad you found something in that area that suits you.
    I can also see that you are a Open Source-kinda-guy so I’ll add you to my blogroll.

  3. stefon Says:

    thx *g* I hope you find some other postings useful too…

  4. name Says:


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