Videos from aKademy 2007

This year the KDE aKademy (an annual contributor’s conference for the K Desktop Environment) was hosted in Glasgow, Scotland.
On LWN I found an article about aKademy which pointed me to the conference website which listed the videos of the talks.
All of the videos are in the ogg theora format. I watched several of them in a row.

  • Keynote – Trolltech and KDE – Lars Knoll (Trolltech)
    Interesting insides about trolltech and how they are planning their future and their future with the community and especially kde.
  • Strigi in KDE4 – the power of indices
    “KDE is a great user interface. But it can be better. How? By interpreting the users’ data! Strigi, the fastest and smallest desktop search engine, does more than searching: you can use its power for writing clever GUIs too.”

    A really great talk about how the semantic desktop could evolve.
  • Developing KDE applications with Python
    ” This talk covers development of Qt / KDE applications using Python, what possible, what the advantages are, and how to get started.”
    A nice talk which tempts me to try Python…
  • Flake – Putting documents together
    ” This talk will discuss the new KOffice 2.0 compound document architecture, flake, from a relatively high-level. “
    I don’t use KOffice a lot, because is quite good. But if they are realizing their idea which they are giving in this talk, openoffice could get a stronger competitor (which is good for openoffice too).

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