Azureus problem…

Recently I helped a friend of mine with his azureus problem. He is using debian unstable.
He had problem starting it and get the following exception:

DEBUG::Sun Jul 08 17:16:08 MESZ
No SSL provider available
changeLocale: *Default Language* != de (AT). Searching without country..
changeLocale: Searching for language de in *any* country..
changeLocale: no message properties for Locale ‘de (AT)’ (de_AT), using ‘de (DE)’
DEBUG::Sun Jul 08 17:16:13 MESZ
No SSL provider available

This problem stems from having gjc or another non-sun java interpreter.

java –version

To check which java interpreter you use.

Install the


package to get the official sun jdk and jre.

update-alternatives –config java

to make sun-java the default java version.
After this restart the bash and you can use azureus.

. .. normally…
This approach didn’t work for him. The problem was that eclipse, which was installed, needed another libswt version than azureus. So if you have tried using sun-java and azureus still makes problems AND you have eclipse… Than this may be the cause of the problems.
Decide to use azureus OR eclipse from the debian repository OR wait for debian to resolve the problem. But don’t be afraid, you can install azureus/eclipse easily by downloading it from the official locations and running them as normal users ….

After all, there is a reason why debian unstable is named UNSTABLE = sid (still in development).


One Response to “Azureus problem…”

  1. Erik Says:

    I just found (randomly) some more informations about this issue: The bug report and a long discussion:

    According to this bug report, it should be possible to use azureus AND eclipse both with azureus, which entered testing today.


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