Screw you Apple iPhone

Apple IPhone is out… A lot of people think thats great news.. But it isn’t. Apple iPhone is as proprietary and freedom stealing as it can be. (There is also a folder about this problem.)

apple iphone is bad

But there is hope…. OpenMoko is nearing.. This is what is saying about OpenMoko:

OpenMoko is a project to create a smartphone platform using free software. It uses the Linux kernel, together with a graphical user environment built using the X.Org Server, GTK+ toolkit and the Matchbox window manager. The OpenEmbedded build framework and ipkg package system are used to create and maintain software packages.[1]

Also there are nice youtube videos about the new OPEN and FREE smartphone… You can tinker with it.. You are not locked in..


2 Responses to “Screw you Apple iPhone”

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    […] only be used with iTunes… Restricting usage and a try to monopolize this environment. It is not the first time Apple tries to demolish users freedom: Boycott Apple and show them that you have the right to use […]

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    […] More attacks on user rights from apple Apple and Sony attack digital freedom Screw you Apple iPhone […]

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