Getting security through Tor has an interview with Roger Dingledine, a developer of the tor software. Quite interesting. I would support them with
running the tor as a server on my PC… but I’m behind the student campus firewall..

There is also a ogg theora video file available.


3 Responses to “Getting security through Tor”

  1. Open Mind » Blog-Archiv » Tor: Privatsphäre schützen im Internet Says:

    […] (via Stefon’s Blog) […]

  2. ToR - TOR - tor Netzwerk. « xxl-killababe berlin wordblog Says:

    […] getting security through tor via Stefon’s Blog […]

  3. Matthew Says:

    Great that they provide this video in Ogg Theora format. Perhaps you will consider this for the other videos in your blog, in the future? Have you considered using the format with the HTML5 video tags, for the upcoming Firefox 3.1 release?

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