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Maven2 POM XSD

August 30, 2007

Have you ever felt the need of a proper XSD for the maven2 POM file. I did. Having a XSD definition in a XML file makes working with it much much easier (provided that you are using a decent XML editor). Without further introduction:

<project xmlns=""
<!-- insert content here -->

Review: Death Proof

August 28, 2007

While I was not planning to see this movie, I decided spontaneously to watch Death Proof from Quentin Tarantino in the Das Kino. I had mixed feelings toward the film.
Knowing from trailers that there would be sexy women and fast cars, I had doubts that this would be a film that I would enjoy. (Yes this is correct, sexy women and fast cars
AREN’T a criterion for a good movie in my opinion.)

And I was right.. There were lap dances, short skirts and wild car chases. Don’t forget the often sexual related conversations.
But… something was different with this film… It was TO exaggerated… It took stereotypes and brought them to new levels.

My conclusion is.. The film is about feminism… Why, would you say, why do you think that a film with lap dances and shirt skirts is about feminism?

The film shows that there ARE women who are in control of their life. They decide what and when they want something from men. They aren’t only decoration, they
are the important roles in the film.

And it also show that women can defend themselves, have the right to talk sexually and think about their life.

This said.. I didn’t like the film because of its lot of violence. But what the violence represented.

  I give the film… 7 out of 10 emancipated women

Update: I surfed the net for a while and found another entry about the film on the blog of feminist activism.
I left a link to this blog entry in the comment and some of them took the chance to discuss a little bit with me on the comments below. Thx again for doing this!

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring of Free Trade

August 27, 2007

You think you know what Lord of the Rings is all about? There is a new interpretation of the story… And the evil is clear.. It is the capitalistic power of the big companies and the Military-Industrial Complex.

I have found this video and some more very interesting ones on Must See TV’s rss feed.
(For convenience: Use miro (formerly democracy player) to stay updated for new content from them. My Review of democracy player)

You can download the movie on indybay

Disclaimer: While I can sympathize with a lot of statements in the movie, I’m against all kind of violence. May it be from police or the black bloc.

USA government forces convicted bitTorrent admin to install windows

August 26, 2007

Sk0t, a convicted bitTorrent admin in the U.S.A. is not only forced to wear special ankle bracelet. No, he even has to install a internet monitoring software which allows
the government to monitor his internet activities.

But crazy at it is, it gets crazier. In lack of a gnu/linux version of their monitoring software, the US government forces Sk0t to intall windows. Sk0t says:

 I had a meeting with my probation officer today, and he told me that he has to install monitoring software onto my PC. No big deal to me, that is part of my sentence. However, their software doesnt support GNU/Linux (Which is what I use). So, he told me that if I want to use a computer, I would have to use an OS that the software can be installed on.

Which means that they are FORCING him to delete his ubuntu system and to install ms windows. Sk0t goes on:

It isn’t the fact that I have to be monitored that bothers me, it is the fact that I have restructure my life (different OS, different software on that OS) and that they would require (force) me to purchase software while I a currently unemployed and relatively unemployable with the 2 felonies that they gave me.

So beware people… Free choice is a thing which must be fighted for…


Diametral : Mysterious music

August 25, 2007



Zentriert ins Antlitz – Diametral bei Jamendo

I like this album for the powerful rhythm and the mysterious lyrics. Not telling us for sure what is it about but giving us a starting point for our fantasy.
A little more of the lyrics would be cool.
But all in all an album you should give a chance.

Make fishing fair

August 24, 2007

As is reporting:

Fish are disappearing from the oceans, and fishers in developing countries are hauling in empty nets–all because of massive overfishing by rich countries, fueled by billions in subsidies every year. Already, 90% of big fish like tuna and marlin are gone. It’s unfair trade, it’s killing the oceans, and it’s endangering a critical food supply.

Next month, the WTO will propose new global fishing rules. This month, finance ministers around the world are deciding what those rules should be. That gives us a chance to make a stand–to tell our trade ministers and government leaders to oppose the subsidies that lead to overfishing, and to support fairness and sustainability for generations to come.

We can influence our ministers by sending them mails about the topic, urging them to take action! has a page where you can do this. Sadly the text is always in english.
But I have translated the mail text in german. ….


Update on openMoko

August 24, 2007

Those of you not knowing about openMoko can read my two earlier entries about this free phone (OpenMoko a iPhone-killer wannabe?  and Screw you Apple iPhone).

Maybe you have seen videos or pictures of the phone? A lot of people were concerned about the usability and the clustered interface. This is now addressed by some change in the software

We (myself and assorted others) at OpenedHand have been working with OpenMoko for the best part of a year now. We have been porting applications such as Contacts and Dates and helping develop new applications and libraries such as the Dialer and libmokojournal (an interface to the journal component of iCal, via ECal in Evolution data server).

About three or four months ago we noticed there was growing concern within the OpenMoko community about the GUI design. We had already noted some of the issues that were being raised, so we had a meeting at OpenedHand and discussed all the various problems and design issues and came up with some possible solutions.

Reading about the price (between 400$ and 600$) and the WLAN ability of the phone.. I’m getting more and more interested.
Another interesting fact is that the first developer phones are already sold out!


Say “NO” to OOXML

August 22, 2007

Some of you may know… ODF the XML office file format of the open office suite became an ISO standard some month ago. Now Microsoft is trying to get an ISO standard for its OOXML too.
But why are they doing this? Because they want to split us again. In people who can spend money on MS Office and ones who can’t or are not willing to. Also governmental organization are likely to adopt OOXML, because money and a “fake” ISO standard more worth than a real ISO standard.

But what are technical reasons against OOXML:

  1. There is already an ISO standard named ODF (Open Document Format): a dual standard adds cost to industry, government and citizens.
  2. The OOXML specification is protected by multiple patents, where as the patent holder Microsoft corporation does not guarantee not to sue or confer any other rights for competitors. The basic implementation of such standard by the competition can face patent infringement cases around the world. This means a real threat for competitive applications even before the development begins.
  3. The idea of one standard should be clear, easy to implement by any party, with smallest specification possible, it should grant privileges for using such standard in any application, provide for compatibility or better said, interoperability between different applications using the same standard, free of patent infringement. The OOXML specification is 6,000 pages, which makes it a real hard to implement for the competition. An OOXML vendor does not guarantee anything to its competition and can sue or threaten them with patents. The OOXML encapsulates other binary data, not clear what they are, which the compatibility and interoperability features between different competitors cloaks in shadow, as a result of which the competitors will be unable to provide for a 100% compatibility with the binary data.
  4. The OOXML contains binary data for their “backwards compatibility” of their previous office standards, “backwards compatibility” with older Microsoft office documents; however, they do not publish the specification for other parties, which makes them Microsoft the only entity that can fully implement such specification with “backward compatibility”.
  5. From the beginning, office suite applications by Microsoft were benefiting from their proprietary standards, where other parties were unable to implement such standard and make their products compatible. Microsoft decided to ignore the existing open standards, and as we have seen in the past, they are trying to bring upon a new “open” proprietary standard that can be fully integrated only by Microsoft itself. There have been Open Standards for document exchange out there for a longer time, Microsoft had pledged only one step for its implementation, but in the end it turns out to be a third party plug-in which was made by another developer (Sun Microsystems).
  6. To date, the standard has not been implemented by its vendor or the competition. It is clear that the Microsoft product will switch to their “open” standard in a certain time; does this mean competition in the field of standards?
  7. No standard can be backwards compatible; this is an application feature, which can support different versions of one standard.
  8. The OOXML is dependant on the Windows technology platform. Its specification is written to be fully implementable only on the Windows platform, which means other existing platforms cannot implement or use the standard and the customers will be literally stuck on the Windows technology from the first day they start to use OOXML in their Office.
  9. Specification of OOXML is clearly not implementable in its full version for the competitors.

For more information look at and sign their petition.

Mylyn: Integrated task management in eclipse

August 15, 2007

Maybe some of you have heard about the Mylar project? It has been renamed in Mylyn some time ago. But what is Mylyn:

Mylyn is a task-focused UI for Eclipse that reduces information overload and makes multi-tasking easy. It does this by making tasks a first class part of Eclipse, and integrating rich and offline editing for repositories such as Bugzilla, Trac, and JIRA.


I have used Mylyn with eclipse for some time now and I have to say: It’s great. I don’t use he bugzilla, trac, jira integration, because at work they don’t have a bug tracking software. But even using the local task concept of Mylyn allows me to switch between potions of work without having to rethink which resource I have to open.
Having the computer saving the context of a given piece of work is a real advantage.
A bugfix 3 month ago didn’t do the job? Activate the Mylyn task of the bugfix and you see what you were working on…

IBM developerWorks has a first part of a tutorial which might be of interest for people looking forward to learn more about this…


Rock for net neutrality

August 6, 2007

Henry Rollins, american singer and songwriter, defends the net neutrality in harsh and direct words in this video. I think he is right by blaming the politicians for bending over the big corporations.