Copyright Regime vs. Civil Liberties

On this years OSCON 2007 there was an interesting speech (see the video).

Rick Falkvinge, the founder of the Swedish Pirate Party and the international politicized pirate movement, talks about the rise and success of pirates, and why pirates are necessary in today’s politics. He’ll also outline the next steps in the pirates’ strategy to change global copyright laws.

An interesting way for the pirate party to get to their goal (a reform of the intellectual property laws) is their intent to get the “prime minister maker” of sweden. If they can get the 100.000 votes in the next election, they can have the power to make one of the bigger party the winner. But for a price.. yes.. the intellectual property reform..
And this can be done, because they have a lot of support from young voters and volunteers.

My support for them was a small donation.



One Response to “Copyright Regime vs. Civil Liberties”

  1. stefon Says:

    The “donation” link was wrong. Now it is correct.

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