Update on openMoko

Those of you not knowing about openMoko can read my two earlier entries about this free phone (OpenMoko a iPhone-killer wannabe?  and Screw you Apple iPhone).

Maybe you have seen videos or pictures of the phone? A lot of people were concerned about the usability and the clustered interface. This is now addressed by some change in the software

We (myself and assorted others) at OpenedHand have been working with OpenMoko for the best part of a year now. We have been porting applications such as Contacts and Dates and helping develop new applications and libraries such as the Dialer and libmokojournal (an interface to the journal component of iCal, via ECal in Evolution data server).

About three or four months ago we noticed there was growing concern within the OpenMoko community about the GUI design. We had already noted some of the issues that were being raised, so we had a meeting at OpenedHand and discussed all the various problems and design issues and came up with some possible solutions.

Reading about the price (between 400$ and 600$) and the WLAN ability of the phone.. I’m getting more and more interested.
Another interesting fact is that the first developer phones are already sold out!

Source: pro-linux.de

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