USA government forces convicted bitTorrent admin to install windows

Sk0t, a convicted bitTorrent admin in the U.S.A. is not only forced to wear special ankle bracelet. No, he even has to install a internet monitoring software which allows
the government to monitor his internet activities.

But crazy at it is, it gets crazier. In lack of a gnu/linux version of their monitoring software, the US government forces Sk0t to intall windows. Sk0t says:

 I had a meeting with my probation officer today, and he told me that he has to install monitoring software onto my PC. No big deal to me, that is part of my sentence. However, their software doesnt support GNU/Linux (Which is what I use). So, he told me that if I want to use a computer, I would have to use an OS that the software can be installed on.

Which means that they are FORCING him to delete his ubuntu system and to install ms windows. Sk0t goes on:

It isn’t the fact that I have to be monitored that bothers me, it is the fact that I have restructure my life (different OS, different software on that OS) and that they would require (force) me to purchase software while I a currently unemployed and relatively unemployable with the 2 felonies that they gave me.

So beware people… Free choice is a thing which must be fighted for…



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