OOXML defeated… for this time…

The ISO’s vote for standardization of the OOXML is over. The result is that OOXML is not accepted as a standard during the fast track procedure.

This is a very very good outcome for all people caring for true open standards. If you like to know WHY this is good, look at noooxml.org.

Given the fact that Microsoft has invested a lot of energies in the project to standardize OOXML it is a great success. There were a lot of irregularities going on before the ballot

Here is a good picture of the outcome of the ballot

Outcome of the vote

But this is not the end… Microsofts press release reads like this

Strong Global Support for Open XML as It Enters Final Phase of ISO Standards Process

The next chance for MS is coming shortly … The final decision is made in March 2008.

For more information about this topic look at groklaws report and noooxml.org.

Maybe it would be a good idea to make pressure from inside the countries who voted for yes… Austria for example voted with “yes with comments”


4 Responses to “OOXML defeated… for this time…”

  1. Erik Says:

    Is there any way to find out which comments Austria made at the vote?

  2. stefon Says:

    There is a list of the organizations which are responsible for country votes:
    There you can find the E-Mail address of the organization which is responsible for austria. Maybe asking them for the comments would help? I will send them a mail…

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