Coca Cola: A dirty brand

This is the first (and hopefully not last) entry concerning the behavior of big famous brands and companies.

Coca Cola Products of Coca Cola:
Aquarius, Bonaqua, Burn, Cappy, Coca-Cola, Fanta, Kinley, Krest, Lift Apfelschorle, Mezzo Mix, Minute Maid, Nestea, Powerade, Qoo, Römerquelle, Sprite,
(see comments: there are controversies ),

Why should you boycott this company?

  • They chase trade-union members with “death squadrons”
  • Child labor and exploitation in orange harvest
  • Racist discrimination

Where can I get more information about this company?

Source: Black Book on Brand Companies/ Das neue Schwarzbuch Markenfirmen – Klaus Werner/Hans Weiss


3 Responses to “Coca Cola: A dirty brand”

  1. Erik Says:

    There is a BIG mistake in this blog entry. Almdudler is NOT a product of the Coca-Cola company. So there is no reason to boycott Almdudler, since I’ve never heard any complaints about it. Almdudler is bottled only in Austria, Germany, Suiss, Belgium and Poland; I doubt heavily that there are any complaints about child labor in these countries.

  2. valentin Says:

    Yes, that is correct. Almdudler is not a product of the Coca-Cola-Company. Coca-Cola has only one licence to bottle it.

  3. stefon Says:

    I’ll try to contact the authors of the book and ask them if they have made an error or why they include almdudler…

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