The shock doctrine

Naomi Klein, the author of “No Logo” has published a new book called “The shock doctrine“.

Her new book is all about how capitalism is established after catastrophes where people are in a state of shock.
She shows in a series of examples from history to the Iraq invasion how shocking incidents paralyze not only individuals but also whole societies. Such shocked
societies are in danger to fall for strong energetic leaders. This leaders can take their chance and change the system… Often in a more and more capitalistic system…

I didn’t read the book so far. But I’m absolutely planning to buy it. The statements above are a summary about what I read about it so far.

There is also a short-film about the book. A Film by Alfonso Cuarón and Naomi Klein, directed by Jonás Cuarón.

The film can also be downloaded on their homepage.


2 Responses to “The shock doctrine”

  1. Shock doctrine film in ogg? No, but soon « Stefon’s Blog Says:

    […] film in ogg? No, but soon If you don’t know what shock doctrine is all about, read my former blog post. Some days ago I sent a mail to the web administrator of the shock doctrine […]

  2. CriticDocs Says:

    This may interest you:
    You find the link to the audiobook there….
    Have fun reading, ugh.. hearing the book….

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