Watch TV series in miro

Maybe you know miro (formerly known as democracy player).

Miro is a free application that turns your computer into an internet TV video player. You can download it here for Windows, Mac, or Linux. This release is still a beta version, which means that there are some bugs, but we’re moving quickly to fix them and will be releasing bug fixes on a regular basis.

So you can watch video podcasts comfortably with miro. But not only this, as cnet is explaining in an article, you can watch normal TV series comfortably too.

In short: Download miro if you haven’t done it yet and then visit tvRSS to search for interesting series.

I, for example searched for the simpsons and got to this page.

Just copy the link named Search-based RSS Feed and import it as a channel in miro. Rename the new channel to simpsons.

Warning: Getting the episodes from the web can take it’t time. Be patient, knowing that now you can watch the serien when YOU like.


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