Shock doctrine film in ogg? No, but soon

If you don’t know what shock doctrine is all about, read my former blog post.
Some days ago I sent a mail to the web administrator of the shock doctrine homepage.

On their film section they allow the download of the short film in wmv and mov format. The problem with these two formats, are that they are proprietary ones and thus
causing problems for people using other operating systems that microsofts and apple ones.

Now I got the answer from Debry Levy (the site admin). She will send me the video files, I will convert the film into ogg theora and sent it back. And she will upload the new
ogg theora video.

If you want to read the mail exchange read along…

My mail:


My name is Stefan E.
I visited the homepage and was
delighted to see that you allow people wo watch the shock doctrine short film
for free and without hurdles.

But there is one thing which confuses me. The book and the film is against the
power of companies about people, their rights and free choice.
On the other hand you provide the video in two file formats:
– wmv
– mov
Which are fileformats which are protected by patents by microsoft and apple.
This means that you are excluding users which use gnu/linux [1], bsd systems
[2], … and all other free operating systems.
This is the exact thing what the companies want.

So it would be great if you could provide a third variant of the video. My
sugestion is to provide a new file in the ogg theora file format[3]. This
would allow people which free systems to watch the film without the need to
install legally questionable software on their pc’s.

If you have any questions concerning this mail don’t hesitate to ask me.

Stefan E.

p.s. I will post this mail on my blog ( too to inform
people about the problems with proprietary software and codecs.


And the response

Dear Stefan,

I am Naomi Klein’s assistant. Thank you for your suggestion of offering the
film in a non-proprietary format. This is a great idea! Would you be willing
to convert the film into an ogg theora format and I’ll upload it to Naomi’s
website? I’ll send you the film via and you could send the
converted file back to me through yousendit. Thank you for your help!

Best wishes,
Debra Levy


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4 Responses to “Shock doctrine film in ogg? No, but soon”

  1. Shock doctrine film in ogg? Yes, sure « Stefon’s Blog Says:

    […] Stefon’s Blog Just another lame ass weblog « Shock doctrine film in ogg? No, but soon […]

  2. RayWorld Says:

    If you will convert the film into Theora , I think you can wait (not much time) because in Theora mail list , there is talking about changes into libtheora to add MultiThread Encoder :

    With multi thread encoder you can get :

    – On a dual core machine :
    * Average of 28% of speed-up on the running time
    * up to 38% of speed-up (the best case of my set of tests)

    – On a quad core machine:
    * Average of 36% of speed-up on the running time
    * up to 58% of speed-up (the best case of my set of tests)

  3. stefon Says:

    Thx, thats great news.
    But the video file I had to encode was not that big *g*

  4. Jillian Price Says:

    hey, i came across

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