omdb and imdb is like wikipedia and encarta

A lot you may know the famous (Internet movie data base) which is a source for informations about movies of all sorts.
But this form of information gathering site has a negative side. All content on it is strictly copyrighted in an exclusive way.
You can’t take their information and use it in your own projects in an easy, comfortable and legal way.

But there is an alternative called (Open movie data base) which clearly resembles the features of imdb (but in a more visual appealing way).
The most important thing of the site is this

omdb is a non-commercial project. All the contents of the site are published under the Creative Commons License. The databank is therefore represents a contribution to free knowledge on the Internet. The information does not belong to a company or person but rather to the general public (more about the CC-License). omdb consciously stays away from commercial related information with an objective to provide a self-contained film database.

So this site is not jealously guarding their content, but are using the web 2.0 effect to make it useful for everyone.


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