Trusted computing, best thing since sliced bread?

I present you two videos which express their opinions on trusted computing.
Feel free to leave a comment with YOUR opinion…

(german video)


P.S.: a video about surveillance in general


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One Response to “Trusted computing, best thing since sliced bread?”

  1. Hal Says:

    I made a comment about the first movie here:

    (Read the comment above it for my transcription of the dialog.) Basically I find it highly misleading, at least in terms of current Trusted Computing proposals for PCs.

    I haven’t seen the 2nd one before, and unfortunately I don’t understand German, so I can only comment briefly. I was glad to see mention of the Turaya project, which would create simple applets that can run in trusted mode and communicate with one another securely. The applets would run alongside legacy OS’s that would still be potentially insecure, but be unable to damage the applets. I think this is a promising architecture for improving security while retaining compatibility.

    One area I would take issue with the 2nd film is the idea that TC can fix online banking security. While TC can help, it doesn’t necessarily go to the main issue we have today, phishing sites. TC would allow a special banking applet to run on your computer which sets up a secure connection to your bank. The problem is that phishers might still be able to fool you into typing in your credentials (passwords etc) into a fake banking site using your legacy web browser; and then they could pretend to be you while connecting to your real bank, using a legitimate TC applet if necessary. The only way TC could prevent this would be to lock your credentials to your applet, but then you could only access the bank via that one computer, which would hardly be convenient. Migrating to a new computer or enabling more than one (I have 5 computers within arms reach right now, and three others are in frequent use in the house) would be cumbersome and difficult. So I don’t think TC can really fix the bank security problem we have today, which is primarily phishing. That will require user education and I don’t see any shortcuts.

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