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The good old times?!

November 30, 2007

Not only people change after time goes by. The commercials are changing their face too. But look for yourself…

There are more examples to be seen…


Integrate debian server in Active Directory

November 28, 2007

At work I had to install a cvs server on a debian server. I used cvsnt and it worked quite well. But having
cvsnt using the Active Directory (hosted by a windows 2003 domain controller) logins was a longer story.

I recommend you this howtos:
Using Winbind to Resolve Active Directory Accounts in Debian : Debian specific, short and precise
Using Samba on Debian Linux : Also debian specific but more detailed
Beitritt zu einer Windows 2003-Domäne mit Benutzerübernahme : A german howto on

Mount windows-shares in Debian

November 27, 2007

If you want to know how you can mount a windows share in debian look at the howto article on Debian Administration.

Linux in 2008

November 26, 2007

InformationWeek has an interview with Linus Torvalds (the founder of the linux kernel). He is talking about where Linux is heading in the year 2008.

But in the end, a lot of this is just a huge amount of individually small changes that may not be even interesting on their own – what is then really stunning is how big a difference all those small not-so-interesting changes make when you put them all together.


Putin our hero

November 25, 2007

Maybe I’m jealous that we have no glamorous politician in austria.. Or it is the fact that Putin MAYBE is not the flawless democrat (as german Kanzler Schröder said).
But I have to say.. I don’t like such scenes…

Strangely this video can’t be viewed embedded.
Heres the link to the video in youtube.

Geek Pick-Up Lines

November 24, 2007

If you are a geek and you have no luck with girls.. Here is the solution.
BBspot has 44 lines to help you with the ladies…
My favorite from Part 5:

  I don’t mean to disturb you, but Heisenberg’s Uncertainly Principle said I already did that by observing you.

My favorite from Part 4:

  Girl, I wish I was your differential, because then I’d be touching all your curves.

My favorite from Part 3:

No matter how I sort things, you’ll always be first.

My favorite from Part 2:

  You had me at “Hello World.”

My favorite from Part 1:

  If you won’t let me buy you a drink, at least let me fix your laptop

Jimmy Wales about the wikipedian collaborative approach

November 23, 2007

TED is hosting a video with Jimmy Wales talking about how wikipedia is working.

Jimmy Wales assembled “a ragtag band of volunteers,” gave them tools for collaborating, and created Wikipedia, the self-organizing, self-correcting, never-finished encyclopedia of the future. Here, he explains how the collaborative approach works, and why it succeeds. Along the way, he debunks some controversies, explains the “neutral point-of-view policy” and why it is non-debatable; and details the Wikipedia governance model: a democracy with a bit of aristocracy and some monarchy thrown in.

Wanna have free PDF software?

November 22, 2007

As PDF is growing in acceptance and is even going to be an international standard, the lack of free/open source software pdf writer/reader which
are fully compatible with the PDF standard is becoming more and more important.

But now GNU has started a new project

The goal of the GNU PDF project is to develop and provide a free, high-quality, complete and portable set of libraries and programs to manage the PDF file format, and associated technologies.

You can even donate to help them create the software faster…
There are a lot of FOSS programs which can handle PDF. So why do wee need a new software (library)?
They have a page explaining it
Mainly its because there is no GPLv3 software, existing programs are written in C++ and not C (issue for mobil systems) and the PDF compliance of the software.

KDE 4 wallpapers

November 21, 2007 hosts an article showing the wallpapers which will be shipped with kde 4.0. I think they are great!

There is also an blog entry explaining the result of the contest.

JT Bruce – The Dreamer’s Paradox

November 20, 2007

I present you another jamendo album. It is a Instrumental Progressive Metal album.

album image

The creator of the album describes it

… Being a concept album, the Dreamer’s Paradox prominently features recurring musical themes, acting as characters in a musical drama. The evolving and subtle themes interact with one another and are revisited throughout the album’s length, creating the progress and mood akin to the telling of a story…

You can hear it for yourself of course.
Or you can visit the album page.
And of course, you can download the album too (with bittorrent or emule).

YES it is legal to hear this music because it is licensed under a Creative Commons license.
This album is licensed under the Creative Commons by-nc-nd 2.5

This means: (more…)