Miro vs. Joost

The creators of miro, the Participatory Culture Foundation have created an overview to underline the differences between joost and miro.
They also posted an article about why they think that miro is better than joost.

Why would a company like Joost want to make an internet application that’s so restrictive? Because if they are successful, they will control both creators and viewers. Creators will have to sign a contract with Joost if they want to reach Joost’s audience. Being in the middle of a transaction is a good way to make money. But building a gatekeeping system for internet TV is a terrible direction for the future of media.

In contrast, Miro is an extremely open system. The software is open-source and can be modified by anyone. Anyone can publish to Miro and nothing comes through our servers. Like a web browser, the connection happens directly between the viewer and the creator. We don’t even lock-down the content guide– anyone can create an alternative channel guide for Miro.

I’m using miro for some month now and (without having a TV set) allows me to watch series like simopsons, family guy but also films from independend media.

More about miro from me
Video: The Mission Behind Miro
Watch TV series in miro
LinkTV: Mosaic
V-Cast: Rocketboom…
The democracyplayer


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3 Responses to “Miro vs. Joost”

  1. Johan Says:

    I used Miro back when it was called Democracy Player, and I liked it. Will get aroung to testing it out again, soon.

  2. Thunk Different. Says:

    Miro is massively improved. It is so slick, it is hard to believe that it is open-source really. joost is, a work in progress and really kind of a different format, don’t you think?

  3. stefon Says:

    why is it hard to believe that open source software is good?
    there are a lot of other good free software programs..
    @joost: i don’t use it because of its proprietary nature and because I’m using debian gnu/linux
    but what I read about joost (not only from the miro site) shows me that joost is trying to lock you in. which is not acceptable

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