OOXML: Getting more information about the ON

For getting background information about this “crusade” of mine you can read the former post.

Today I called the legal department of the ON (Österreichisches Normungsinstitut) to get more information about the ON and how much information
I’m allowed to get from them.

I was talking with Elisabeth Stampfl who gave me detailed and concrete information.

How is the ON financed?
They finance themself 80% with selling products and providing services
They get 2-3% from membership fees
They get the rest from the austrian state and the Wirtschaftskammer

More information about their status
The ON is a private organization which exists since 1920
Since 1950 it’s responsible for national/internatioal standardization in austria (which is fixed in austria’s law)

What about transparency?
There is no right for citizens to get information about:

  • Which persons are sitting in the committee and to which organizations/firms they are affiliated
  • You can get written information about what the decision was
  • There is no written information you can get which information they used to decide (i.e. did they knew about specific criticism?)

This means there is literally NO transparency in the ON for “normal” citizens. It is possible to get more information if you have a “legitimate” interest
in this matter (this is how she explained it to me). So if you are a journalist, … you can get them.

After telling her that I was blogging about this and some of my background she kindly offered her help to get me more informations.
But this is not the point. This information should be available for everybody. Not only for them who have the luck….

I called the BKA again and they suggested me to call the parliament.


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