Benefits of the Spring Framework has an article summarizing the benefits of using the Spring Framework in an enterprise environment.

The articles covers topics from JDBC, O/R mapping, transaction management over AOP, MVC and testing.

In it summary the article states

Spring is a powerful framework that solves many common problems in enterprise Java. Most Spring features are also usable in a wide range of Java environments, beyond classic Java EE.
Spring provides a consistent way of managing business objects and encourages good practices such as programming to interfaces, rather than classes. The architectural basis of Spring is an Inversion of Control container designed to configure any POJO. However, this is only part of the overall picture: Spring is unique in that it uses its IoC container as the basic building block in a comprehensive solution that addresses all architectural tiers.
Spring provides a unique data access abstraction, including a simple and productive JDBC framework that greatly improves productivity and reduces the likelihood of errors. Spring’s data access architecture also integrates with TopLink, Hibernate, JDO, JPA and other O/R mapping solutions.
Spring also provides a unique transaction management abstraction, which enables a consistent programming model over a variety of underlying transaction technologies, such as JTA or JDBC.
Spring provides an AOP framework written in standard Java, which provides declarative transaction management and other enterprise services to be applied to POJOs or – if you wish – the ability to implement your own custom aspects. This framework is powerful enough to enable many applications to dispense with the complexity of EJB, while enjoying key services traditionally associated with EJB.
Spring also provides a powerful and flexible MVC web framework that is integrated into the overall IoC container. Numerous other enterprise services, such as remoting and JMX integration, are offered out of the box, but are beyond the scope of this article.


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4 Responses to “Benefits of the Spring Framework”

  1. proxxi Says:

    I still dont understand what this has to do with my hair…


  2. stefon Says:

    it has to do with enhancing your ability in the field of software engineering.. and guys who are interested in this don’t care about hair

  3. wizard of oz Says:

    i am interester in the field of software engineering… and i do care about my hair!

  4. richard simmons Says:

    i’m as hairless as mole rat and i wrote an entire spring social networking app with a single line of code.

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