OOXML: Slow but steady

Toady I forced me to call the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology again to ask if they
got the information they promised me (about which person of them was sitting in the ON
committee 001
). The person (Kerstin Zimmermann) promised me more then 2 weeks ago to reply to my email.
But it seems that she forgot. Anyway at the telephone she assured me that there is no person from her section in this commitee.

This was confusing because the ON (Österreichisches Normungsinstitut) told me that there was a person from the ministry
in the commitee. After calling Karl Stumwöhrer again he told me that I was at the wrong ministry.

The correct one is the: Telecommunication section of the ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology.
Calling THIS section got me the information that the technical persons were in genf and would be available later this week.
So… waiting again…


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