Act against Amazon

Amazon did the right thing with selling DRM free (= not copy protected and no lock-in) music.
But as it seems this decision was only done with having increased sells in mind. As the FSF puts it

… It seems that Amazon only cares to oppose DRM when they can profit from it, such as when they advertise their MP3’s as “Play Anywhere, DRM-Free Downloads.” The same is not true for Kindle ebooks. Perhaps if they were honest they would advertise their ebooks as “Play Only Here, DRM-Laden Kindle Ebooks.” …

But what is this kindle? It is an electronic paper hardware which allows you to read e-books. Which is just fine. But the e-books which you can buy from are DRM infected, which means that you can only read them with kindle and no other hardware or software. This is the kind of vendor lock-in which is stealing users rights.
If we are to accept this, chances are that the broad rights you have with books will be gone. Amazons found even said this in the year 2002

When someone buys a book, they are also buying the right to resell that book, to loan it out, or to even give it away if they want. Everyone understands this.

Now he is trying to destroy this rights.

But what CAN we do to prevent this? Obviously enough: Don’t buy e-books from and show them that we don’t like this kind of lock-in and stealing of user rights.

Secondly it’s very important to tell others about this (which I do right now). A nice way of doing this is to tag the kindle e-books on with

kindle swindle, defectivebydesign, drm

If enough people tag the products with this, people will recognize it and will ask questions.

Howto (from

Amazon makes it very easy to tag pages if you have javascript enabled.

  • Go to a product page.
  • Press “tt”.
  • Enter the tags: kindle swindle, defectivebydesign, drm

If javascript is not enabled pressing “tt” will fail. So instead, merely enter the above tags under the section titled “Tags customers associate with this product.”Our goal is to make “Kindle Swindle” the number one tag on the Kindle and on Kindle ebooks, so please help us and get tagging!

Also helpful is the list of all kindle related products so you can go and tag them one after one.

More Information
More Details on the kindle swindle
The complete howto for acting against amazon’s kindle swindle


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