DRM on Ebooks

You Buy a Lock, But You Don’t Own the Key!

DRM book

Don’t let DRM get between you and a good book
Amazon, Sony, and others want to change the way you read: They want to put locks on your books. Their “ebook readers” use Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) technology to control how, what, and when you can read.

DRM locks ebooks
DRM locks your ebook to a device. When the device breaks or becomes outdated, you can’t open your book. You get a lock, but you do not get a key! If you try to pick a DRM lock to try to read your ebook on another device, you break US Federal Law.

DRM on ebooks hurts authors
The owners of the DRM technology choose which books, newspapers, or magazines can be read on your device.

With DRM on ebooks, everybody loses
Every few years you will have to buy a new copy of your favorite books, and a new ebook reader to go along with it.
Any ability to lend your ebook to family or friends is severely limited at the whim of the DRM owner. For the future of reading: Don’t buy ebook readers that use DRM technology—our books will end up locked shut.

Learn more about DRM and how to fight it at DeffectiveByDesign Logo

More information on the amazon e-book reader on my blog.
This information as a flyer.

Source: Don’t let DRM get between you and a good book- Defective By Design


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2 Responses to “DRM on Ebooks”

  1. web2seller Says:

    I think that’s a good idea with DRM only perhaps someday to develop a software that will break it up.

  2. stefon Says:

    and what are your arguments for seeing DRM as a good idea?

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