Gmail: The Problem With Spam Mails

As Netzreport states

Although Gmail is convincing in many regards, it has not found a user-friendly way to handle spam mails yet.

Besides google‘s bad behavior concerning user privacy rights, Netzreport is right with gmails spam handling

So, what is the problem? One problem is that the spam filter cannot be deactivated and that mails in the spam folder are automatically deleted after 30 days. If one wants to prevent the deletion of legitimate mails, he has to examine the spam folder at least every 30 days.

He finishes with a call of action to persuade google to change their policy.

Source: Netzreport


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One Response to “Gmail: The Problem With Spam Mails”

  1. Scott E. Lee Says:

    Amen to that.

    I have been using gmail for well over a year now, and it drives me NUTS that I have to login to the site every month to see if any legit emails got caught in the spam trap.

    The Google groups for gmail are crazy with “Please can we shut off the spam filter?” comments. You would THINK that Google would do something about it.

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