Math lessons: Futurama style

Do you like Futurama? Are you geekish enough to have fun with the math and IT jokes in the futurama episodes?
Them maybe this is something for youFuturama Math

Dr. Sarah’s Futurama Math: Mathematics in the Year 3000:
Futurama is a rare exception in broadcast television – a satirical science fiction cartoon that aims its jokes squarely at the top of the brow. Futurama is especially fun to watch because math, science, or programming references seem to appear in almost every episode.
For example, Ken Keeler, who has a Ph.D. in applied mathematics from Harvard University (…) was asked whether his education paid off, he responded: “Well, sure. For example, Bender’s serial number is 1729, a historically significant integer to mathematicians everywhere; that “joke” alone is worth six years of grad school, I’d say.”


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