Austrian Standard Institute – Democratic or not

I have written a work for a university course about the OOXML case and the Austrian Standard Institute.

This paper is concerned with the field of standards and regulations. It states that these standards decisions are not merely technical but political ones. Political decisions can be made democratic or not.
The paper uses the case study of OOXML to investigate the ON (Austrian Standard Institute). After looking at its organizational form and behavior it is compared with the democracy theory of Vilmar Fritz.
After taking the facts about the ON into account the author states that the organization is not democratic in its way its produces standards and regulations.

If you are interested, you can download and read it. I provide it under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.


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One Response to “Austrian Standard Institute – Democratic or not”

  1. proxxi Says:

    Nice, even in english… I hope Mr. Pausch was satisfied. I’ll read it!

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