Bruce Perens: A New Decade For Open Source

Bruce Perens wrote an article about the last decade of Open Source and what the next decade will bring for Open Source.

… And that brings me to our first mistake: for a time, there was a conflict between Open Source and Free Software evangelism. My intent has always been for Open Source to simply be another way of talking about Free Software, tailored to the ears of business people, and that it would eventually lead them to a greater appreciation of Richard Stallman’s arguments.
This has come to pass, and I hope you’ll continue to make it so. One only had to witness the attendance of the GPL 3 committees to see that the importance of FSF’s work was appreciated by the largest of corporations.

… So, you can see that the future will present its challenges for Open Source. We could never have forecast how big we would become during Decade Zero of Open Source. But we’ve built tremendous strength, to the point that we can consider much larger tasks. Join us now, as we enter Decade One. …


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