How do you deal with climate change?

I often discuss about climate change with people. Sometimes it is hard because I’m no scientist and scientific facts about how the world CAN’T be changed this massive by humans is given a lot.
And there is one thing which is true, nobody can be SURE of anything.

Not the skeptics, not me and no single person on this world. Which lead me to the argument what harm can be done if you are a skeptic and climate change happens or the other way round, if you are an activist like me and the climate change doesn’t happen.

For me, taking the risk of economic stagnation is much easier to take than the risk of creating social, economic, environmental, … disasters.
Happily I found that there are other people with this arguments.. Even one who created a bunch of videos explaining the arguments….
If you have 10 minutes.. watch it.. it explains the matter much better than I can do..

More information…


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