A look at memory usage in Firefox 3

Firefox 3 is making a lot of progress and there is even some research going on in the field of memory usage.

As the web and web browsers have matured, people have started expecting different things out of them. When we first released Firefox, few people were browsing with tabs or add-ons. I’ve written before about how web usage patterns have changed, so too have our strategies on how to effectively make use of system resources such as memory.

Topics that are discussed in some details are

  • Reduced Memory fragmentation
  • Fixed cycles with the Cycle collector
  • Tuned our caches
  • Adjusted how we store image data
  • Hunted down leaks
  • Measuring Memory Use
  • Ways to test

A really good read to get an overview of what is done to make firefox 3 better…
Source: Lwn.net


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