We’d love to work with Microsoft

We’d love to work with Microsoft is not something someone would expect to hear from the Linux Foundation.
The define their roles as such:

  • We obviously are the home of [Linux founder] Linus Torvalds
  • Promote Linux as a technology solution, and that’s across embedded, mobile, server, desktop computing.
  • Respond to competitive marketing on behalf of the platform, so when competitors are out spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt about open source or if there is a general lack of understanding of open-source licensing practices or governance practices, our organization plays a role educating [the] industry and end-users on those issues.
  • We protect the platform by allowing people … to work as fellows at the foundation so that they can be neutral actors in a mass collaboration project like Linux.
  • We manage the Linux trademark.
  • We have a legal defense fund for the platform.
  • We work with the USPTO on patent quality issues.
  • We work on the standardizing the Linux platform.

As Infoworld.com talks with the Linux Foundation they are also mentioning Microsoft

We’d like to have a place where developers can come and work on making Linux more effectively interoperate with Microsoft products. And we’d like to do that in the open-source way that’s not tied to any specific marketing agreement, that’s not tied to any specific contract, that is an open process that can be participated in by anyone in the community.

Source: Lwn.net 


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