10 comic books released under Creative Commons

Steven Richards, creator of the Diesel Sweeties comic strips decided to license the archive with 2.000 comic strips under CC BY-NC license.

These files will be in PDF form, available one per week for ten weeks. You can donate if so inclined.

The first e-book is already available as torrent and direct download.

All eBooks will be released under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial license. You’re free to reformat them into .CBR, Word docs, XML, whatever you like. You’re also free to archive and share them with others for free. They’re even small enough to email. Just don’t use them commercially.

Source: CreativeCommons.org


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2 Responses to “10 comic books released under Creative Commons”

  1. Tk.Weber Says:

    Dieser Blog sieht wirklich sehr gut aus. Um sowas richtig geiles zu entwerfen muss man sich schon lange Zeit nehmen und ne Menge Ahnung haben.

  2. Red Robot's Cousin Says:

    Close with “Steven Richards”.

    The dieselsweeties.com comic strip has actually been written by Richard Stevens for the past 10 years.

    It is getting better with age too. (c:

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